Fact Sheets

Welcome to our Fact Sheets! Each one contains some essential reading which will help you settle your dog in his new home. Do take time to read each in turn – they contain important information including legal requirements.
We have deliberately kept each short and to the point, so that you will be able to find time to read them. If you find any problems with settling your dog in, please check the Fact Sheets to see if your questions have already been answered. If not please phone your Home Visitor or our helpline, 03000 111 100, or contact us by email on behaviour@foreverhoundstrust.org and you will be able to have access to free advice from a qualified behaviourist, experienced in working with rescue greyhounds and lurchers.

1. Introduction

2. Bringing your new dog home

3. Toilet training

4. Your first night

5. Feeding your dog

6. Rescue dogs’ relationship with food

7 . Responsible ownership

8. General care and health

9.  Homing a dog with children

10. Other dogs

11. Behaviour and training methods

12. When you go out

13. The indoor kennel or crate

14. Games

15. Cats and other small animals

16. Puppies

17. Adolescent dogs

18. Emergency Stop for sighthounds!