‘Dogs at the Rock’ to be held in celebration of dogs in Yelverton

Published: 14 Jul 2017

A fun dog show is to be held at Yelverton Air Field for the first time, and promises to be a day of fun and frolics for those with both four and two legs!

‘Dogs at the Rock’ will be held on Sunday 16th July, from 11am until 5pm, at the iconic Rock at Yelverton Air Field.

The event, which will raise funds for greyhound and lurcher rescue charity, Forever Hounds Trust, will include a fun dog show, to which all dogs are welcome to enter, as well as a BBQ, trade and charity stands, refreshments and much more.

Organiser and volunteer for Forever Hounds Trust, Katrin Rettberg, said: “We’ve been running a fun dog show in the area for a few years now and it has always been very popular. Formerly it was known as the Princetown Dog Show, and we are back this year with a brand new location. For the very first time we will be holding the event near the Rock at the Yelverton Airfield. The format is the same though, a celebration of dogs, a chance to get together with fellow dog owners, browse the trade and charity stalls and take part in a fun dog show!”

For more information about the event, please contact Katrin on Katrin.rettberg@foreverhoundstrust.org.