Dog tags

Red Dingo ID Tags are made from hard-wearing polished stainless steel. The design is enamelled onto the steel and is very durable, and the engraving is guaranteed to be readable for life. Text will be engraved in capital letters. Red Dingo Tags are available in two sizes: medium (30mm) or large (38mm).

Please enter the text you would like to include by completing the form below, for the relevant size you are ordering – please ensure that you enter the right text details for the size of tag you are ordering. Note that we will add line breaks unless you specify a line break by adding a $ character in the text. The tag is widest in the middle, so keep the longest piece of information for the middle line of the tag.

If your engraving requirement is unclear or deviates from what is possible then we will revert to you by email for clarification.

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