Golden Oldies Appeal

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Can you please help more dogs like Mint and Lizzie, our Golden Oldies, this Spring? We think every hound deserves a second chance to give and receive love, no matter what their age. 

Mint (standing) and Lizzie when they first
arrived with Forever Hounds Trust

Dear friend,

We’re putting paw to keyboard, to say a huge thank you to all of you who support Forever Hounds Trust so they can help hounds like us! Thanks to people like you, we were taken care of when our elderly owner died. We were pretty frail and of course scared to be on our own, especially as we are getting on a bit ourselves – Mint is a Fabulous Fourteen, and Lizzie a Fantastic Fifteen! Forever Hounds Trust has looked after us so well. Minty wasn’t too keen on her dental but has recovered well, and we both love the comforts of our foster home. Thank you for making our new beginning possible, even at our grand old age!

If you could help Forever Hounds Trust to help other Golden Oldies like us, that would be amazing. We reckon every hound deserves a second chance to give and receive love, no matter what their age.

Lots of love,

Mint & Lizzie

PS This is me now – check out my running! love from Mint x

Here is how Mint and Lizzie came into our care:

On a cold night in February, one of our homing volunteers received a call from the police, asking for Forever Hounds Trust’s help: they had found two lurchers, both old, frail and withdrawn, alone in the empty home of a gentleman who had sadly passed away. One of the dogs had a microchip still linked to the charity- we had homed her back in 2005. Our lifetime promise to the dogs we have homed means that we will always take them back into our care when they are in need – and, of course, we were ready to help both of these lovely ladies in their old age.  So both Mint and Lizzie were placed in the safety of a Forever Hounds Trust foster home.

Mint in her foster home

We don’t know how long the girls’ previous owner had been unable to care for them, but it was evident they would need lots of TLC. Both dogs were severely underweight and needed emergency dental treatment. Minty had 22 teeth removed – and as she’d already had some taken out before, she now only has 12 left. That doesn’t stop her loving her food though! She’s gained almost 2 kilos since being in foster, and Lizzie has gained half a kilo. We think both dogs are deaf, and Lizzie may also have a tumour – it’s not causing her any pain though, and due to her age, this probably isn’t treatable. We are committed to making life for Mint and Lizzie now as comfortable and full of love as possible.

Can you please help more dogs like Mint and Lizzie this Spring?

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Lizzie enjoying home comforts

Mint & Lizzie’s foster mum says:

“They are settling well and their characters are starting to come out, and they are loving mooching around the garden. We had our first waggy tail from Lizzie this week and Minty is suddenly really interested in everything, I think she must have got her sense of smell back now that her rotten teeth have gone.”

Thank you for helping our Golden Oldies!

Funds raised will support all dogs in the charity’s care – thank you.