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“I thought Daisy was an old dog when I first saw her picture, as she had totally given up. Broken spirited and empty, she simply couldn’t care less about what happened to her next. Her eyes tell you everything you need to know – they are empty and full of fear…”

After FHT volunteer Jan saw Daisy’s picture on social media, she was rescued from the pound by an Irish rescue and cared for in a wonderful foster home. Daisy’s foster mum said:  “In my ten years of fostering, Daisy was the most shut down dog I’ve had. She was ready to flee any time you entered the room and peed if you went near. Her tail was always tucked firmly under her with her head down, she had recently had pups and she was in poor body condition, suffering badly with worms. She would only eat once you left the room and it took her along time to be confident to relieve herself outside.

Fast forward 2 months… she’s healthy, putting on weight, wanting to play, sneaking into the trampoline when she thinks no one is watching…”

With good food, a comfy bed and lots of patience, love and gentle encouragement, Daisy’s life began to change. She made the journey across the Irish sea to a new start with Forever Hounds Trust. Within just one week of arriving with us went to her forever home, and has undergone the most wonderful transformation. Daisy is now full of joy, and safe with her forever family.

It costs Forever Hounds Trust around £300 to rescue a dog from Ireland – to cover the costs of their vet treatment, neutering and vaccinations, and to pay for their transport to this country. And we rescue around 80 dogs like Daisy from Ireland each year. Please can you help us to always be here for dogs like Daisy, by making a donation today?

Funds raised will support each region’s kennel, vet, behaviour, transport and kit costs. Thank you so much for your support.

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Our other Regional Funds – please support your local hounds…. 

Vet fees, kennel costs, dog beds, first aid kits, muzzles, microchips, expert behaviour support, vans, disinfectant, collars…. These are just some of the things that we invest in to ensure that our dogs have the best possible care, and the best possible chance of finding their forever home as quickly as possible. Could you help to support Forever Hounds Trust’s work in your local area?



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To donate by cheque, please send a cheque, payable to Forever Hounds Trust, at PO Box 1601, Oxford, 0X4 9JZ. Please write on the reverse which region you’d like to support, so that we can action your wishes.

To donate by phone, please call 03000 125 125 between 10am and 2pm, Monday to Friday, to make a donation by card.

Funds raised will support each region’s kennel, vet, behaviour, transport and kit costs. Thank you so much for your support.