Forever Hounds Trust is passionate about improving the welfare of all racing greyhounds and believe that this can be best achieved by working with the parties that have a direct effect on the daily lives of these graceful and gentle dogs.

UK Greyhound Forum

We are welfare members of the UK Greyhound Forum, chaired by Clarissa Baldwin CBE, and play an active role in addressing greyhound welfare issues directly with the racing industry.

In November 2015, we were the only independent rescue organisation to be asked to give oral evidence at the Houses of Parliament for the EFRA (Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) sub-committee inquiry in to the welfare of racing greyhounds. Much of our evidence was used to direct the outcome of this inquiry and the subsequent EFRA report strongly recommended that the industry make significant improvements in a number of key areas or face a review of their self-regulation status. Read more about our experience of giving evidence here.

Our dedication to greyhound welfare extends past our own shores. Alongside fellow rescues and welfare members on the UK Greyhound Forum, we are working to address issues which affect all racing greyhounds – read more here.

The Government have made it clear that no plans exist to ban greyhound racing. Ultimately Forever Hounds Trust want to see regulation of the greyhound industry with better welfare provision for all dogs, before they get to the track, when they are racing and when they are retired and we will work tirelessly to achieve this goal for every dog involved in the sport, whilst it exists.

Welfare report

You can read more about the recent EFRA enquiry into greyhound racing here.

Greyhound and Lurcher Welfare

To find out more about greyhound welfare click here, and for lurcher welfare click here.

Our euthanasia policy

Forever Hounds Trust will never to put a healthy dog to sleep. Euthanasia is only ever considered in cases of physical ill-health (under vet advice), on welfare grounds, or if the dog poses a significant danger to humans or other dogs.