Meet the staff

Our small central staff team work with and support our nationwide network of volunteers. Most of our staff work from home; we also have a small office team handling all our essential admin, such as banking your extremely kind donations!

Chief Executive Officer: Rachel Grocott

Rachel with Guinness

Rachel with Guinness

Rachel is responsible for the overall strategy and leadership of Forever Hounds Trust, and for managing the small staff team to ensure the charity runs effectively day-to-day. She joined Forever Hounds Trust after working in a number of fundraising, communication and leadership roles at Oxfam, before working for World Animal Protection on global campaigns, including work to end culling of dogs with rabies- and lived with her own rescue greyhound, Guinness, for eight years.

Director of Homing, Kennelling and Welfare: Emily Burns-Sweeney

“I have been involved with Forever Hounds Trust for some ten years, initially as a transporter for dogs and merchandise when it was known as GRWE. Before I knew it, I had been sucked in to the wonderful vortex of the charity for good! Whilst I live in Wiltshire, I was the Rehoming Officer for Dorset and Hants for several years and a Joint Trustee for Kennelling and Welfare. I also now oversee the fabulous homing team in our Eastern region as a volunteer, alongside my work as Director for Homing, Kennelling and Welfare.

I have three rescue dogs of my own – a GH X GSD called Phari, a JRT X GSD called Foxley and my GRWE whippet, Eimaer. They are my joy in life and I simply could not function without them. I work from home and have a home dog-boarding business, as well as a separate business with my husband and father; but of all my various lives, my work with Forever Hounds Trust gives me the greatest pride and pleasure. I hope anyone joining the team can take as much from our work as the last ten years have given me, and will equally enjoy the amazing people and dogs I have been privileged to experience in my time with our inspiring organisation.”

Homing, Kennelling and Welfare Manager: Trish Stokoe

Trish with TwinX and Boo~hound

Trish with TwinX and Boo~hound

Trish provides direct support to our Regional Homing Officers and their teams and helps co-ordinate the charity’s welfare and kenneling operations.  Her main objective is to help the charity run all its homing processes as effectively as possible, so that we may ultimately help more dogs in need.

“Before taking up this role I worked in the public, private, community and voluntary sectors. My professional experience has been in training and developing people and teams to continuously improve and develop new ways of working across geographical regions.

My main passion has always been animal welfare,  and having  been an active  and long standing volunteer for many years with  Forever Hounds Trust in Gloucestershire, I have covered many different volunteer activities. It is both a privilege and a pleasure to work with the wide variety of people who are helping hounds find their forever homes.”

Trish has two Forever Hounds Trust rescue greyhounds, TwinX and Boo~hound, plus two horses, Hawaii and Shadow.

Marketing and Communications Manager: Emma Butler

Profile coming soon.


Resource Support Co-ordinator: Cat Ridley-Hughes

Cat joined Forever Hounds Trust in April 2016 in the role of part-time Resource Support Co-ordinator. She provides operational support and is responsible for helping with the planning of events, sourcing equipment and services, and creating/improving processes, so that the behind-the-scenes parts of Forever Hounds Trust (like the email system and website) run as smoothly as possible.

Cat has a background in operations, setting up and managing various admin and IT systems in organisations such as Oxford University and the MalriaGEN Network. However, animals are Cat’s real passion, having studied animal behaviour at university and now working as a puppy trainer in Worcestershire.