Advice & support

Forever Hounds Trust is committed to providing support to all our dogs and homes for life.

Care guidelines

We have developed care guidelines on topics including bringing your new dog home, feeding your dog, caring for their health, and much more.
Read our Fact Sheets on a wide range of care topics here.

Did you know..?

Some questions we get asked a lot!  Read the answers to these questions here

Behavioural support

All Forever Hounds Trust homes receive a four month post-homing visit to make sure all is going well for hound and home, and offer any support that is needed.  When you home a Forever Hounds Trust hound, you always have access to the advice and support of our volunteer Behavioural Support Team, who are all qualified behaviourists who can offer you guidance on any issues that might arise.

Read more about our Behavioural Support Team and how to contact them here.

“Dear Christine,

Thanks for contacting the Behavioural Support team  for me. Carol called last night, with some really helpful advice.

She will be keeping in touch to see how things are going.

I couldn’t ask for better after care. You should be very proud.


Best wishes, Gill”


Bereavement support

Forever Hounds Trust understands how hard it can be losing a companion, and now offers a bereavement support service for anyone struggling to come to terms with their loss. Our volunteers are trained, and have undergone the loss of special family companions themselves, and are happy to listen and support if needed.

Contact us at