About Forever Hounds Trust dogs

Forever Hounds Trust takes in greyhounds and lurchers from members of the public, veterinary surgeries and pounds. We also help trainers and owners re-home their racing greyhounds when space allows, and some dogs come to us from general rescue centres. We also take in dogs from Southern Ireland, which is the main breeding ground for racing greyhounds and where conditions are especially tough for sighthounds. Forever Hounds Trust takes in hounds of all ages, from puppies to golden oldies!

Many of our dogs adapt quickly and easily to life in a home, slotting right into a new household and enjoying a simple life of comfort with their new family.

Other dogs arrive scarred and damaged, both physically and emotionally. We nurse them back to health and help them learn to trust humans again. Others have never lived in a home before and need an introduction to the world beyond the racing track or their previous life, including to other dogs and animals.

Blake, pictured left,  is just one of 40 dogs rescued from bankrupt Irish kennels. He was terrified of people, and would shiver with fright and wet himself if a human entered his kennel.

Volunteers undertook a slow process of rebuilding his confidence in humans and the world, starting with short harness walks and progressing to meeting more confident dogs. Rehab included lots of patience, time and, once Blake was confident enough, taking treats from gentle human hands.

Blake’s life is now transformed. He lives with his forever family, who say:


“Thanks to the dedicated care of many Forever Hounds Trust helpers, Blake has come home… He is starting to live life rather than just react to it. Faith, hope and love has won over darkness and neglect.”


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