Why adopt a dog?

So many dogs are looking for their forever home. Can you give a dog another chance at happiness? 

These wonderful hounds desperately need our help, often having been abandoned, taken to dog pounds, or in the cases of racing greyhounds, retired from the tracks. Without a rescue place such as one with Forever Hounds Trust, they would face an uncertain future. You can turn that around by opening your heart and home to one – or more! – of these dogs.

There are so many ex-racing greyhounds just waiting for their forever loving homes and they really do make great companions. They might be pretty big, but they’re usually just gentle giants who are more than happy with a couple of short walks a day and a spot on a cosy sofa – and they often take up less space than you’d think, or than a more active smaller dog might!

Lurchers come in lots of different shapes and sizes because they are sighthounds crossed with another breed (typically a collie, but often a German Shepherd, a bull breed or gun dog). Lurchers often have more stamina than greyhounds and can be very energetic and playful – but still like to sleep!

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Why adopt a rescue dog?

When you buy a puppy, it’s hard to judge what kind of dog it will grow up to be. But when you adopt a dog through a reputable and well-established rescue organisation like Forever Hounds Trust, it will be individually assessed for temperament and personality – and then carefully matched to its potential new home.

All our dogs have full healthchecks before rehoming – they are also vaccinated, neutered and micro-chipped – and we provide ongoing support for the lifetime of that dog, including follow-up home visits. Whatever the issue, we have people here to help, including trained behaviourists who are experienced with sighthounds.

And of course, there are just so many rescue dogs that need homes and it’s really rewarding to watch them settle in and start finding their paws.

Forever Hounds Trust has been homing greyhounds and lurchers for 20 years.

Why not read some of our success stories and then contact us? We home dogs to families, consider people without gardens and people in smaller properties too – we assess each home offer case by case and always endeavour to find the right dog for you and your circumstances.

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