Fact Sheets & Downloads

Our fact sheets and downloads answer some of the most common dog behaviour and training questions we are asked about sighthounds.  Each fact sheet is free to download and has been written by one of our qualified behaviour team.

We will be adding more facts sheets over the coming months, so please do revisit this page for updates.

In the meantime, if you are experiencing any issues with your Forever Hounds Trust dog, please call your Home Visitor or Regional Homing Officer, call our helpline on 03000 111 100 or email us at: behaviour@foreverhoundstrust.org

Remember, we provide FREE behaviour and training advice for all Forever Hounds Trust owners and dogs through our Post-Homing Support team of qualified behaviourists.


Fact sheets available for download:

  1. Freezing on walks
    Information and advice explaining why some sighthounds freeze on walks.
  2. Using food in dog training
    Our ‘Dog Pay Scales’ leaflet explains why using food is the smart way to train your dog.
  3. Feeding options
    When it comes to deciding how to feed your dog, there are lots of options to consider.
  4. Toilet training
    A handy guide on how to teach your dog to toilet outside.
  5. Reacting on walks
    Information explaining why some dogs react to other dogs when on a lead.
  6. Recognising the body language of fear and stress
    Illustrated guide to the common and more subtle signs of fear and stress in dogs
  7. Introducing your dog to stairs
    Many of our hounds have never seen stairs before and have no idea how to negotiate them. This handout will help your dog learn to negotiate stairs, safely.
  8. Your new puppy
    Our booklet contains essential advice and guidance to help your puppy settle into their new home.