How much does it cost?

Forever Hounds Trust is a charity and it costs us around £600 to rescue and get each dog ready for homing. This includes neutering, vaccinations, flea treatments, wormings, kennel costs, dentals and other medical care the dog may need. Often dogs come to us in very poor condition and need substantial care and treatment before they are able to be homed, meaning costs may be even higher.

We therefore ask adopters to make a donation in the region of £175 when they home a dog. There is also a fixed £20 administration fee. Your local homing team are always happy to discuss the homing donation with you.

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 An example of our costs

Finn the lurcher’s sad life was turned around one November night, when he was discovered standing trembling in the middle of the A37 main road. He was cold, wet, frightened, covered in sores and riddled with fleas. Weak with blood loss from their infestation it was also apparent he was suffering from starvation. As if that wasn’t enough he had a badly injured front paw.

His rescuers rushed him to an emergency vet who immediately put him onto a drip and gave him pain relief. This poor lad was too weak to take any other treatment at that point as he was dangerously underweight and the vet estimated he must have been living rough for approximately three weeks prior to his staggering into the road in front of the car. It’s doubtful he would have survived much longer.

Finn stayed at the vets for two weeks, and sadly the extent of his injury was such that he needed amputation of the whole of his left front leg and shoulder. After the operation his vet bill stood at around £770, which was paid for by Forever Hounds Trust.

Luckily for Finn he found a fantastic home with his rescuers who, mindful of the cost of saving this lovely lad, set to fundraising: making cakes and jams, holding raffles and selling goodies at work, determined to help Forever Hounds Trust so that they could save the next needy hound. They raised over £1,000 and Finn and his mum Jackie are regulars at Forever Hounds Trust events out and about, still fundraising to help more needy hounds.  Thank you Finn and Jackie!

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