Happy homings

Read about some of our happily homed hounds and their forever families!

Watch Georgie’s amazing story here:

“I was not expecting to receive a call so quickly. I had recently met Janet from Forever Hounds Trust at a meet and greet in our town centre and expressed an interest in a cat trainable greyhound. I saw pictures of Sam before I met him and was far from convinced he was the right dog for us; a lurcher with a strong hint of Staffie and scars on his face, but Chris had given him a glowing report following his home test so Steve and I arranged to meet him on a kennel walk.

I think we knew within minutes of meeting him that we wanted to bring him into our home. He was so comfortable in our presence. We had fantastic support from Julie – one of Forever Hounds Trust’s behavioural specialists. She helped us introduce Sam to our cats and kept in close contact during the settling in process.A very happy year on, we have just taken Sam back for a walk with the kennel dogs. Over the past 12 months, he had become a very much loved member of our family; lorded over by the cats, adored by our children, so careful around our new baby.

Our smiley, smelly Sam… We can’t thank Forever Hounds Trust enough for bringing us together.”

Kirsteen Sutherland

“My Mum and Dad say that I am their gentle giant and VFM (value for money) because by being on the large side, I can give and take BIG amounts of love and affection.”

< Haydon the greyhound

“Maddie came to live with me, from Forever Hounds Trust, three years ago last Sunday – the very best day, the very best dog, and I couldn’t love her more.  She is a very, very sweet girl.  Here is Maddie in full flight, loving the snow just as much as her Mum does! 

Maddie in the snow >

This is where we walk every day with our friends – hers and mine.  She loves her bed too, and has become very adept at hiding her eyes from the light when Mum insists on reading instead of going to sleep!  She absolutely loves having her tummy tickled – a little routine before we go downstairs to start our day – or in fact any part of the day that she can persuade me to stop for a stroke on her tummy!  You see I am smitten!”

Penny Lewis

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