Part 2: Matching

Getting to know Dora!

On the basis of home visits and dog assessments, our homing volunteers match hound to home! We will arrange for you to come and meet your prospective dog(s). We make this match on the basis of what we have learned about both dog and home, and on our experience of successfully homing thousands of dogs, with a very low return rate.

Sometimes we might match you with a different dog to the one you initially expressed interest in, because we think this will be right for both you and the dog – read Lisa’s story below.


Part 3: Homing

Isla with her forever family


“I would highly recommend your Forever Hounds Trust ‘matching’ service to people potentially looking to rehome one of your beautiful hounds. A few years ago, we lost our beloved Darwin, a scruffy Deerhound cross, who we had homed from Forever Hounds Trust. I sent a message explaining that we would love to help home a similar dog – another scruffy, elderly gentleman like Darwin. In response to this, I was sent a photo of Isla. She was far from the requirements I’d sent… being a small, smooth haired, young girly. In fact, the only way it could be further from our request, was if I’d been sent a picture of a cat!


We travelled to meet her on Valentine’s Day with our existing saluki cross, Mace. Mace liked her immediately; in return, she didn’t take a lot of notice of him. Although, she was quite nervous of men, she took to Neil straight away, and rolled about in the mud of the kennels paddock, making us laugh. We both fell in love with her enormous ears and her sweet little face and she travelled home with us. Isla quickly bonded with us all, and soon became my little shadow following me around whenever she can. She likes to potter quietly around the garden … and then suddenly loves to do zoomies out of nowhere!


Thank you Forever Hounds Trust for matching us up – Isla is our perfect little girly.”


Lisa and Neil Davies