Bond – Licence to Thrill – HOMED

  • Greyhound
  • Male
  • Can live with children, 10 plus

This is one hound who’s guaranteed to leave you shaken and stirred. One look into Bond’s vulnerable Golden Eyes, and a grin from his endearing overbite, and it’ll be a case of From FHT With Love. Although his coat is a little rough at the moment, a bit of care and attention will see this handsome heartbreaker looking as sleek and sophisticated as his namesake.

A four-year-old ex-racing greyhound, this friendly boy has shown no issues around other dogs, and could live with a canine pal, following careful introductions. Just like the other Bond, he loves his toys, so he’ll need help learning how to share; and he’s just as keen on company, and cuddles! A bit nervous of new situations, he’s growing in confidence all the time, and will soon be ready to enjoy the Living Daylights out of his retirement!

Will you show this beautiful boy that you really can Live Twice, by giving him a second chance, and showing him that homes, as well as Diamonds, Are Forever? Go on, let Bond be the Hound Who Loves You, and you could end up being For His Eyes Only…

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The Homing Journey

1 Pre-homing visit

rehoming visit

We visit every prospective home so that we can best match each dog with their ideal ‘forever home’

The pre-homing visit

2 Matching


Our homing volunteers match hound to home based on home visits and dog assessments


3 Homing


Hurrah, another hound has found his forever home! Happy ‘gotcha day’…


4 Behavioural Support

behavioural support

All homes receive a four month post-homing visit, to check all is going well for hound and home