Gorgeous Sally

  • Lurcher
  • Adult only home (no children)
  • Would like the company of another dog or dogs

Gorgeous Sally is 22.5 inches to the shoulder and around 2 years old. She is a Whippet x.

Sally hasn’t had the best start in life, having been found as a stray she has clearly found her past whatever may have happened…traumatic.  She wouldn’t let anyone come near her in kennels but has really flourished being in a foster home.  In the first few days she found it incredibly difficult being near us.  We gave her the space and time and let her decide when the time was right for her to start interacting.  Sally is now coming out on walks with us (even went to the beach which she loved) has been laying near us on the sofa.  Sally is quite a nosey girl and often comes up to see what we are doing.  She is also quite lazy at the moment, very happy to sleep all night and a lot of the day too, we’re thinking there is defining Greyhound in there.

Sally would really like:

A quiet adult only home.  Sally does seem to prefer females so men would need to let her be until she feels comfortable.

Would love the company of other dog / dogs.  Currently in foster with 3 Greyhounds, she does have small dog friends too.  Sally is incredibly sociable with all the dogs she has met so far and really does learn from what they do and how they interact.

Humans that won’t rush her.  The more you don’t pressure her the quicker she will come around.

Treats and plenty of them – Although were still working on the taking treats from hands.

To live somewhere quiet, she wouldn’t cope in a busy town or city.  Motor bikes and tractors can be a little scary, but the more she see’s them the less she now worries.

A sofa!  She’s found it now, and rather likes it.

Sally is such a dear little dog, and given the time and patience she will soon flourish.  She really is no trouble at all in the house and has been fantastic with house training.  She has come a long way in such a short time already. She could live with a cat with the right introductions.

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