• Helping your dog cope with fireworks

    2 Nov 2018 Author: Emma Butler

    For many of our canine companions bonfire night and firework celebrations are a frightening and stressful event that they can’t escape from.  However, as our post-homing support manager, Susan McKeon, explains there are several things you can do to help your dog and lessen the stress that fireworks can cause. Veterinary help: If you know […]

  • Dylan Dog Blog – Dylan chills while HuMum tries to work from home

    11 Oct 2018 Author: Emma Butler

    Dear Bestest Aunty Julie, Be riting to yoos fwom der sofa after sooper bizi day of snoozlings. I be stretch owt like gettin sum littel breez on der nakidtum. As yoos will dowtless wemember I not be a fan of der curlin up, not bein a pwawn an all BOL BOL BOL…. Enyways woz riting […]

  • Dylan Dog Blog – Dylan’s not happy with his new PJs!

    31 Aug 2018 Author: Emma Butler

    Dear Bestest Aunty Julie, Anuvver kwik huppdayte… I wegret to himform yoo dat der hab been a drastik downturn in kwolitty of liyf here at Forever Home. Hab they no respekt for our nobel breed.  I did hurd HuDad sniggerin sumfin bout a “bagpipe”. Howeber I is now sooper warm at night tyme on me […]

  • Dylan Dog Blog – Dylan perfects the art of being a ‘Reading Dog’

    10 Aug 2018 Author: Emma Butler

    Dear Bestest Aunty Julie, Hoping you be well? I be fyne dispyte slight snaggel to me dew clor witch did a bleedy on der sofa. Oopsie. HuMum did hav not go werk on Fwiday so we went owt for a luffly walkies to a noo park an we met wun of HuMum fwends wiv a […]

  • Dylan Dog Blog – Dylan’s on holiday!

    20 Jul 2018 Author: Emma Butler

    Dear Bestest Aunty Julie, I be so sowwy for not riting you for ageses… has been such a busy boy! At der weekend we did go on der most heggsiytink fing… furst hollyday wiv Forever Famliy! Did get in houndmobile an go off in the dark wiv HuMum, HuDad an the smol two-legses an me […]

  • Dylan Dog Blog – It’s not been such a good week at Forever Home!

    6 Jul 2018 Author: Emma Butler

    Dylan: Dear Bestest Aunty Julie, I be riting to henkweye-er how duz Bestst Auntie Sue at der vets? Did she find the eggs?  Is she still on der scales? Is she comed home?  Do hope she ok an not too much missing furs. I hav had a weally wubbish week heer. Started off okays wib […]

  • Dylan Dog Blog – Dylan offers advice on visits to the vet

    23 Jun 2018 Author: Emma Butler

    Dear Bestest Aunty Sue, Bestest Aunty Julie did tells Forever HuMum that you dun yorself a poorly an be goin to the vets termorrow. I be riting wiv me Bestest advices for yoo…. Advices numbuh wun: Mayk shor you lean on ebberywun at the HuVets. If yoos need to, juss say hab bad foot or […]

  • Dylan Dog Blog – pee mails and eggs!

    8 Jun 2018 Author: Emma Butler

    Dear Bestest Aunty Julie, I am riting followin me post-brekkie pre-nap snoozle. I hav eben mor heggsiytink noos! Last nite HuMum an Milly-Moo and me went in der houndmobile to a plais HuMum corl “Highcroft Vetineggy Group”. Dere woz much hantissipashun fwom us hounds for diss trip! I luffs eggs! Wen we got to the […]

  • Dylan Dog Blog – Grandma and Grandad come to stay!

    25 May 2018 Author: Emma Butler

    Dear Bestest Aunty Julie, I riting wiv such heggsiytink heggsitement today!! Hab made sum sooper noo frends!! Will eggsplane…. On Mundy HuMum and der smol 2-legses did takes me an Milly-Moo owt all round park for mornin walkies and smol hoomans did der yooshul gawping at der “biggest freight train in the whole actual world” […]

  • Dylan Dog Blog – HuMum goes on hollibobs without the dogs!

    17 May 2018 Author: Emma Butler

    Dear Bestest Aunty Julie, Dis week HuMum hav discuvverd nu toy corld Furminator. Woz not der funnest although I do now hab even sleeker furrs den eber befor!! Much furr was stolin fwom me person howebers and I did do a sooper confyoosel wen I did see it as did vewy umderstandibly look lyk a […]

  • Dylan Dog Blog – Dylan goes begging with some other greyhounds!

    11 May 2018 Author: Emma Butler

    Dear Bestest Aunty Julie, Sowwy I hasint rited for a whiles, I bin sooper bizy! On Fwiday der Nice Cleanerlady Dawn did come to Forever Home to fuss us muchly. She is der best!! In evenin after walkies and dinner anuvver nice laydee arrived to take over fussingsess for meself and Milly as HuMum an […]

  • Dylan Dog Blog – HuMum has der brain-acheys.

    4 May 2018 Author: Emma Butler

    Dear Bestest Aunty Julie, Today has bin unheventfil as HuMum has had der brain-acheys. Dis hab meen she basically turn into a gweyhound for hole day. She hab hog der big sofa, dun snoozles unda a blankie upsidey-down an eated fings, dun weewee an stuff befor just returnin to sofa. She hab not got der […]

  • Dylan Dog Blog – Dylan goes jogging!

    20 Apr 2018 Author: Emma Butler

    Dearest Aunty Julie, Kwik hupdayte!!!….. Me an HuMum did go for jogging to see der harrburr and floatycars in der evenin yestyday which I absolutely luffed! An I woz sooper sooper on me harniss an even fitted in sum umbassadoorwial werk harf ways wound! I woz soooooper snoozled aftywards an did a pre-sleep nap on […]

  • Dylan Dog Blog – Dylan has fun with the Nice Dog Walker Lady

    15 Apr 2018 Author: Emma Butler

    Dear Bestest Aunty Julie, All is sooper good heer yoos will be glad to knows. Yestyday me an Milly went owt for anuvver park explorey wiv der Nice Dog Walker Lady an had luffly tym. Next week shall bees goin owt wiv all uvver dogs toos as I pwomised to be sooper good boy. Heggsiytink!! […]

  • Dylan Dog Blog – Dylan’s ‘Well Settled’ in his forever home

    5 Apr 2018 Author: Emma Butler

    Dear Bestest Aunty Julie, I can weport dat I haz bin depwived of der white wine tooday altho I dids do a niblet of a big icey kube as it woz going fwom icey-cupboard to gin glass. Woz de absoloot chillest on my gnashers and dissapointink not vey like der cheez kube. I hav, howefers, […]

  • Dylan Dog Blog – Dylan finds a comfy spot in the ‘big’ bed

    30 Mar 2018 Author: Emma Butler

    Dear Bestest Auntie Julie, So last evenin anuvver vewy heggsightin fing did happen… A fish pie tin! Was de-nosh-ous and HuMum and HuDad sooper pwoud bout me sharin so nice wib me new girlyfwend. Did myself a big proud. This mornin I did have wot I believe HuMum duz wefer to as a “lying in” […]

  • Hazards for Dogs at Easter

    29 Mar 2018 Author: Emma Butler

    The world is full of hazards for dogs, just as it is for humans and, just like for humans, most of the time we can avoid them. Knowing what poses a hazard to our four-legged friends is key to being able to keep them safe and avoid illness or an emergency trip to the vet. […]

  • Dylan Dog Blog – it’s raining cats and dogs our there!

    23 Mar 2018 Author: Emma Butler

    Dear Bestest Aunty Julie, I did do Hu-bed day sleepin an also sofa lickin of yummy sofa! Me an HuDad did sooper park walk in da aftynoon which woz much better than me mornin hadventure wiv HuMum where it did torrenshul da kittehs-and-hounds down, drippy out der sky so quick. Was drenched! Lucky woz wearin […]

  • Dylan Dog Blog – Dylan explores the neighbourhood

    19 Mar 2018 Author: Emma Butler

    Dear Bestest Aunty Julie, So I did meet the Cleanerlady Dawn! It woz her at der door! She woz sooper nice, admired me proper and did so much fussingsess of me and Milly that her hands nearly did falled off of her legs!  She also dun a bit of wipin stuff an arranging our sofas […]

  • Dylan’s Dog Blog – Dylan discovers how to get maximum fussingsess from his Forever Family!

    9 Mar 2018 Author: Emma Butler

    Dear Bestest Aunty Julie, I fort I would do you sum more writings to let you know how splendid I am being! Since I rote last I hav bin mostly perfectin my leaning on my noo family. This is to make shor they is fully up to my standards regardin levels of strokingses and fussingsess […]

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