Freddie 07/07/2007 – 28/03/2019

Published: 10 Apr 2019

We are very sorry to have to share the sad news that our much-loved sponsor dog, and ambassador for Forever Hounds Trust, Freddie, died last week.

Freddie encompassed everything that we love about hounds and inspired many of those who met him to go on and offer a home to a rescued dog themselves. His gentle way with old and young alike made him an absolute favourite at our events and he really knew how to charm our supporters! We are certain the collecting tins received extra coins after donors were treated to one of Freddie’s licky kisses!

Freddie faced some challenges in his life. He had a problem with his spine before an accident caused him to lose one of his back legs. But Freddie embraced life as a tripaw and raced about on his remaining three legs until older age slowed him down recently. Even then he was often found pootling about, hopping along in his distinctive Freddie-style walk. If it all got a bit tiring he was happy to lie down and let the folk come to him when he represented Forever Hounds Trusts at events.

For many of our friends and supporters, their last memory of Freddie will be at the Thriplow Daffodil Festival, just a week before we lost him. He enjoyed a happy weekend, surrounded by his Forever Hounds Trust family, where he gave out lots of his licky kisses and enjoyed the attention of everyone there.

He was an inspiration in many ways. The ‘Freddie’ collar is donned by many hounds and the new design by Rollerdog featuring the distinctive three-legged Freddie is certain to be a sell-out.

Off-duty, Freddie was a happy and much-loved pet. He loved the beach, playing games, delicious treats, playing with his hound friends and snoozing on his huge bed!

Freddie was dearly loved and will be sorely missed by everyone at Forever Hounds Trust. None more so that his human family, Karen and Tim, who gave him the sort of happy forever home that we long for for every hound.

The loss of Freddie leaves an ache in our hearts and a hole in our Forever Hounds Trust team, but we are also so grateful to have had this wonderful hound in our lives and as an ambassador for our cause.

Thank you Freddie.


If you would like to make a donation to Forever Hounds Trust in memory of Freddie, please visit our special JustGiving site.