Three Macau greyhounds settling in to life with Forever Hounds Trust

Published: 1 Mar 2019

The three greyhounds that arrived into the care of Forever Hounds Trust on Valentine’s Day, having travelled to the UK after being rescued from the notorious Macau Canidrome, are settling into their new life well, and have received some of the veterinary care they needed.

Valentine, Oyster and Amore have shown remarkable resilience and have taken new experiences in their stride as they experience lots of things for the first time.

Jan Lake, Chair of Trustees for Forever Hounds Trust said: “It must all be very strange for them. I imagine it would be like us suddenly arriving on the moon. Everything is so different to their life in Macau. They have really settled in well though and are interested in everything that is going on around them.”




The three dogs have been given time to adjust to their new surroundings and have not been rushed into new experiences, but have all now been seen by the vet and had dental treatment. Amore had to have a few teeth out, and some of his remaining teeth are ground down, probably from chewing the metal bars of his kennel at the Canidrome. Valentina has had her teeth cleaned by the vet, and at the moment hasn’t had to have any taken out.


Unfortunately Oyster had to have most of her teeth removed. Jan says: “Oyster’s teeth were some of the worst we have ever seen, and it wasn’t possible to save most of them. However, she is much more comfortable now that they have been removed and happily tucked into her dinner after the operation.”





It was Valentina’s birthday on the day they arrived in the UK, and a few days later it was Amore’s birthday, and volunteers baked a special doggy birthday cake for them to share. Valentina was certainly quick to tuck in to into it – she thoroughly enjoys her food!

Work will continue with the dogs to help prepare them for life as a pet dog, and find loving forever homes for them.

Greyhounds make wonderful companions, and Forever Hounds Trust has many in their care currently who are in need of a home of their own. If you can help, please contact us on or call 03000 111 100.



If you would like to make a donation towards the costs of preparing Oyster, Amore and Valentina for their forever homes, including veterinary treatment and any ongoing behavioural support, please visit our Just Giving page here: