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A martingale is a type of dog collar that provides more control, without the choking effect of a slip collar.

The martingale dog collar was designed for sighthounds because their necks are larger than their heads and they can slip out of buckle collars. These collars have gained popularity among other breed owners in the recent past, with many trainers now recommending them instead of choke chains or buckle collars.

Martingale dog collars are fitted to the exact size of the dog’s neck when the collar is pulled closed. Properly fitted, the collar will be comfortably loose when not in use. When the martingale control loop is pulled, the two slides (hardware on the small control loop of the martingale collar) should pull close together but the two slides should never touch.

Our everyday range of martingale collars are 40mm wide. The metal work is nickel-plated and welded, a super strong webbing base and military quality buckles ensure that the collars are both safe and durable.

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