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Product Description

Nickel plated falconry bell for use on your dogs collar. Bells are approx 25mm x 20mm and have a split ring and lobster clasp so the bell can be easily attached and detached from the dog’s collar. They are sold as single bells or a pair of bells on one lobster clasp.

Keep your dog and other pets and wildlife safe by attaching one of these essential bells to their collars. Almost as important as an ID tag, these bells can help to:
– Warn wildlife, domestic animals and unsuspecting humans that something is fast approaching – enabling them to disappear before the dog has seen them (or move out of their way), thus reducing the number of things to chase!
– Enable you to hear where your dog is from 60m+ away – enabling them to exercise more safely in wooded areas etc.

If your dog has a habit of unwanted chase behaviours or you struggle to know where they are all the time, these items are a MUST! Tried and tested by many Forever Hounds Trust volunteers.



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