50-50 Club

Do you want to do more to help care for our hounds?

Enjoy a ‘flutter’ every now and again?

Well, now you can do it all by joining the Forever Hounds Trust 50-50 Club!

How does it work?

You pay a fixed amount in £1 monthly units to Forever Hounds Trust’s 50-50 Club.  For every £1 (per unit) you spend, 50%  of the proceeds goes to Forever Hounds Trust to support our work and the remaining 50% is given as prize money in our monthly draw, open to 50-50 Club members only!

The more 50-50 Club members we have, the more greyhounds and lurchers we can help and the more money we have available to give out as monthly prizes.

Download the subscription flier here:

50_50 Club flier 2019