Beat the odds

**Breaking news! Our Beat the Odds challenge raised over £17,000! Huge thank you to everyone who donated and have helped us resuce even more retired racers. **

Your support helps us get more racing greyhounds across the most important finish line of their career – a safe and warm, loving home

More than 10,000 greyhounds from the UK racing industry are deemed ‘surplus to requirements’ every year. Many are abandoned, some killed crudely and others exported to countries with poor welfare standards.

The odds are stacked against them finding a forever home once their racing career is over.

4,837 injuries were sustained on UK race tracks last year.

There were 257 trackside fatalities.

Over 1,000 racing greyhounds were killed for reasons including the cost of veterinary treatment and no home being found.

Forever Hounds Trust offers a crucial lifeline to retired greyhounds.

Many come to us with injuries, or behavioural problems caused by lack of socialisation.

Our teams work extra hard to provide the special care they need to adjust to life beyond the track.

Our Beat the Odds campaign will fund the transportation, kennelling and veterinary costs incurred when resucing retired racers. The campaign will also pay for any behavioural support and rehabilitation required to prepare these special dogs for their forever homes.

Statistics from GBGB and LACS