Give a dog a bone

From peanut butter to pickled sprats, we get through a lot of treats, toys and more keeping our dogs active, entertained and happy whilst waiting for their forever homes.

If the dogs in our kennels could type a shopping list we’re pretty sure this is what they’d come up with!

If you’re shopping online, it would be pawesome if you could order a little something for the hounds in our care too!

We have around 55 dogs in kennels at any one time. Many of the dogs that come into our care are damaged – physically and/or psychologically. We provide them with a safe place, treatments, medical care and behavioural work, but for a lot of these dogs, their time in kennels can be hard for them.

Treat Dumbbell

By enriching their environment, dealing with potential boredom or socialisation issues, we can greatly improve their well-being and change them from a broken dog to a content, trusting dog ready to go home with their forever family.

Any items you order from our Amazon wishlist will go directly to support our work. Treats, toys and chews will aid our kennel enrichment work, while any stationery will help us lower our administrative costs and direct more funds to the dogs in our care.

Thank you.