Pops and Bumble, a pawfect love story

Some of the dogs we rescue find it hard to settle into kennel life while they wait for their forever home. Pops was one of those dogs.

Pops came to us when his owner became terminally ill, but this handsome 13 year old lurcher struggled to adapt to life in a kennel after always having lived in a home. He cried constantly and became very depressed, so we quickly moved him into one of our foster homes.

Foster homes play a vital role in our homing operations by helping hounds in our care who struggle to adjust to life in a kennel environment.

Pops packed his bags and went off to stay with our experienced fosterers, Susan and John who regularly take in our hounds and give them a bit of extra tlc until they can be adopted.

They also have a rescue dog of their own, although not a pointy-nosed one.

Bumble, a 10 year old Labrador had been used for breeding and had clearly suffered a lifetime of abuse and neglect. Shy and very nervous, Bumble usually found it difficult to interact with other dogs. But that was before she met Pops!

For this pair of pooches it was love at first sight! Bumble immediately started wagging her tail and giving Pops the sniff test.

They soon became inseparable and are usually to be found snuggled up together on the sofa even though they both have their own perfectly comfy bed!

Nervous Bumble was always too scared to run around on walks but with Pops by her side, she has gained the confidence to follow him around and have lots of fun off-lead. Finding each other has really put a spring in the step of these adorable golden oldies.

Thankfully this love story has a happy ending. When Susan and John realised the impact Pop’s arrival had made on Bumble they knew that they could never separate the pair. We are happy to announce that Pops’ foster home has now become Pops’ loving forever home!

Lots of love and licks from Pops and Bumble on Valentine’s Day

Pops and Bumble x x x

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