Show your love for a lurcher like Robson

Robson lurcherThis is Robson.

We know very little about him except that he is a middle aged lurcher who was abandoned and left to his fate in a dog pound.

Robson will have felt deserted and terrified. Was he abused, ill-treated? Has he ever been shown affection? Has he ever been given a treat or a comfortable space to call his own?

All we know is that Robson was a stray, and like so many hundreds of lurchers across the UK and Ireland, he was seen as a commodity, not a life to be cherished.

Lurchers like Robson are not treated as pets in Ireland: there are not enough homes for all of them, and only enough spaces in rescue centres to save the few lucky ones.

Forever Hounds Trust works closely with rescue groups across the UK and in Ireland, where the problem is tragically all too common, to provide a lifeline for these beautiful dogs.

Forever Hounds Trust arranged immediate medical care for Robson. He is now being transported to one of our kennel spaces in England where he will be assessed, given preventative treatments and veterinary care. He will be exercised and shown love and affection to help build his confidence.

They need care and treatment for their physical and emotional wellbeing before they are ready for a new life in their forever homes.

As you read this, there are many more dogs like Robson in desperate need. You can help to give them the chance of a new life. It costs an average of £800 to rescue, rehabilitate and find a home for dogs like Robson.

Please help now.