Supported dogs – can you help our extra special hounds?

For some dogs that we rescue, the right forever home can be hard to find

This can be due to their physical or psychological health and well-being. In these cases, Forever Hounds Trust offers ‘supported homing’. We agree to pay part or all vet costs that the dog needs, for life. This means that we can ensure that dog is matched to the best possible forever home and the right people. We fund additional treatments because pre-existing conditions can prove unaffordable to prospective homing families, as these dogs will not be able to be insured. This enables these dogs to live in a loving forever home rather than long-term or permanently in kennels.

Our supported homing criteria are reviewed regularly as with limited funds we can only support so many dogs. We can have as many as 50 dogs in the ‘supported homing’ scheme at any one time. These dogs typically have high veterinary fees and associated costs.

Supporting these special dogs means we know their health and welfare is being met. It allows us to give even the neediest of hounds a future, knowing that they will be homed to families who will take special care of these dogs and support their conditions.

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Your support is vital to help us care for dogs like Wispa

Wispa is a Whippet Saluki cross. He had been abandoned in a dog pound in south east England and was due to be put to sleep when one of our volunteers rescued him from his plight.

Wispa walked with a strange gait which after an initial veterinary assessment was diagnosed as a neurological problem. We were advised that this condition would require future treatment, and so we homed him as a ‘Supported Dog’.

He has been in a lovely home in Gloucestershire for the past five years, but his condition deteriorated to the point where he could no longer lift his head. After his owner contacted us, we had him referred to a specialist neurologist vet where he has undergone delicate surgery to reduce the compression of the spinal cord, where it enters the brain. The scans and further treatment Wispa required resulted in veterinary bills of over £6,000.

Before Wispa’s surgery, his owner said: “Sadly Whizzie’s health has deteriorated recently and following consultation with his vet we feel he would benefit from a referral to a neurologist. He is very much an important member of the family and we don’t want him to suffer unnecessarily”.

Once Wispa had come through this delicate surgery, she contacted us again: “Whizzie is through and awake! The vet is very pleased with how it went. Thank you so much – I want to share his story and tell everyone how wonderful Forever Hounds Trust has been!”

The beautiful Wispa is now out of pain and danger. He is one of many supported dogs that can continue to be cared for in their forever homes due to our help.

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