Be a tooth fairy this Christmas!

Could you help us provide essential dental treatment for dogs like Sophia?

Over 70% of the dogs we take in require dental and medical treatment before we can give them the second chance at life they deserve by placing them into caring, family homes.

Please be a Tooth Fairy this Christmas! Help us put the sparkle back in a dog’s smile and give the gift of a life free from pain.

You can give more dogs like Sophia something to smile about this Christmas

Sophia’s story

Sophia with mouth full of rotten teeth

When Sophia was rescued her mouth was full of rotten teeth

Sophia is an eight year old ex-racing greyhound. A lifetime of neglect left her with a mouth full of rotten teeth and painful abscesses.

When she was rescued the vet said it was the worst case of dental disease she had ever seen in a greyhound. Under general anaesthetic, brave Sophia had all of her bad teeth removed, leaving just her four canines.

Everyone knows how painful toothache can be. We can only imagine the agonising pain some of the dogs coming into our care suffer.

Sophia with bad teeth removed

After dental care was provided all the bad teeth are gone

Dogs with mouths so acutely uncomfortable that they can no longer eat solid food; dogs whose water bowls turn red with blood; dogs who need many teeth removed after enduring years and years of untreated dental issues.

Dental disease is preventable, yet over 70% of the dogs we rescue require dental treatment. Providing this life changing veterinary care is one of the biggest costs Forever Hounds Trust has to pay in the course of our rescue and rehabilitation work.

Thanks to the support of people like you, Sophia is now pain-free and looking forward to her new life, with a beautiful gappy smile.

Sophia with pain free mouth

That’s better! Sophia enjoying a pain-free mouth today

Be the tooth fairy for a hound this Christmas! Your gift will help us to continue providing vital care for dogs like Sophia.

Care that is not only essential to a dog’s survival, but to their quality of life.

Care that is just one of the many measures Forever Hounds Trust carries out in order to prepare these gentle companions for their safe, loving homes, forever.

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