Meet our volunteers

Forever Hounds Trust relies on volunteers to make our mission a reality. From fundraising to dog walking and PR to adoption home visits, our volunteers are essential to everything we do and we have roles for any time budget, location and interest!

Here we bring some of those roles to life through some of our wonderful team members and find out what they do and how much it means to them!

If you have any time to spare to help as a volunteer, please click here to find out more. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Katrin: Volunteer Community Events Co-ordinator


Katrin and friends at an amazing event!

‘We adopted Sushi, our little Greyhound girl from Forever Hounds Trust in September, 2012. Animal welfare has always been very close to my heart and after Sushi came into our lives it became more and more important to me to get involved and help to make a difference.

My role as Volunteer Community Events Co-ordinator works to organise events that raise awareness, funds and generate home offers for our hounds. We also arrange social walks and get- togethers where Greyhound owners can meet, make new friends and share their experiences.

I love being a volunteer for Forever Hounds Trust and my favourite part is when our events lead to a dog finding their forever home, though there are many more perks too. I’ve made lots of friends since starting this role and it gives me a real sense of achievement knowing that what I do supports this great charity and helps to rehome many more of these amazing hounds.’

Jenny: Volunteer Enquiries and Helpline Support


Jenny has supported the charity in many ways and now does so mostly from the comfort of her own sofa!

I suppose I’m a sort of Virtual Receptionist and it is a role that has turned out to be far more interesting and absorbing than I thought it would be.  All manner of e-mails drop into my Inbox on a daily basis; lots are simple homing enquiries and requests for event details, some are sad as people advise their much-loved FHT hound has passed away, others can be difficult and distressing but amongst them a few funny little gems appear, like the plea to help find Caramel the RABBIT a new home and the request for three bags of Super Turf Fertilizer! I do try and assist everyone regardless of the query so its particularly rewarding when people take the trouble to thank me in return and, in some cases, have even made a small donation.

My most favourite thing about volunteering for Forever Hounds Trust is that you are part of a great big family who love these wonderful hounds, who care passionately about their welfare and future and go that extra mile to get a vulnerable hound into a safe place. I have met some amazing and inspirational people, helped lots of hounds into their Forever Home and made lifelong friends. Together we do make a difference.’

Ken: Various roles

‘My role is pretty varied. I plan the dates for street collections and liaise with local councils to obtain them. I also book and run our stalls at local events. I’m helped by other Volunteer Event Co-ordinators and, of course, our volunteers in the Eastern Region, which is a big help as we can get quite busy during the summer, particularly as the Eastern Region is well established and people look forward to attending our events.

During my time volunteering with Forever Hounds Trust, I have also attended a Home Visiting course, so I go out to speak to prospective adopters too. As well as that, I’m competent with social media so I keep the regional volunteers updated with what’s going on by email, our regional Facebook page, and Twitter and I recently set up a page for our weekly Kennel walks so people can let us know if they can come along. I can also be available during the week so I’m able to help transport dogs if necessary, or take them out on assessment walks in different environments, which is great fun.

Ken helps his regional team in many ways!

Ken helps his regional team in many ways!

So, nearly ten years having been involved with Forever Hounds Trust and the universal Greyhound and pointy nose family, I can say that it has been extremely rewarding and fun and I would thoroughly recommend anyone to get involved with their local Forever Hounds Trust group.  You can do whatever you have time to do, helping for an hour or two at a collection or an event. Your help will be welcomed and you’ll be helping Forever Hounds Trust do what it does best, and that’s rescuing and finding homes for Greyhounds and Lurchers in need.’

Karen: Volunteer Regional Co-ordinator

‘Forever Hounds Trust is very much a ‘family’ and, having been made very welcome, we quickly became involved, taking my lovely hound, Lacey, along to any local events to Meet and Greet and to help out for a few hours- always enjoyable, always appreciated and with the satisfaction of knowing that more hounds are being helped into their forever homes.

It was at one of these events that we met Special Sponsor Dog, Freddie, who subsequently joined Lacey at home with us in April 2010. Having Freddie further drew us into the heart of Forever Hounds Trust and I gradually became more involved, helping out at events further afield, always with my two lovelies in tow. Freddie is always ready with his licky kisses, Lacey happy to be stroked and loved by admirers of all ages.

Karen (right) and Freddie are a winning team!

Karen (right) and Freddie are a winning team!

In 2012, I was asked to consider taking on the role of Regional Coordinator and on the premise that if you want something done ask a busy person I jumped in! Even having been in the role for some time, I sometimes find it hard to say exactly what it involves but, basically, I’m the person who holds all of the reins in one hand, bringing together the volunteers who work in homing, events and communications to support and strengthen our volunteer network. In short, I aim to make sure that everyone is happy and enjoying the time that they give so freely as volunteers.

I very much enjoy my role and I can’t imagine what I used to do with my ‘spare’ time before Forever Hounds Trust. My life is enriched by my Forever Hounds Trust family- both human and hound.’

Tracey: Volunteer Social Media Assistant

‘I was a volunteer dog walker at Bristol Dogs and Cats Home, and in December 2014 got handed a gorgeous three-month-old Lurcher to walk – it was love at first sight and he was promptly adopted. Jett was my introduction to the fabulous world of sighthounds and I have never looked back. A few months later, I was at a dog show with Forever Hounds Trust in attendance, and straight away I decided I wanted to volunteer so I could do more for these deserving hounds… I made enquiries and here I am!

DSCN9072 (1)

Tracey, who shows that remote volunteering is also key to our mission!

As I successfully manage social media accounts for another like-minded charity in the equine world, I was a perfect fit for this role which involves administering both the Facebook and Twitter accounts- responding to posts, managing events, monitoring messages, re-tweeting and posting general updates. ‘

I love volunteering and am passionate about sighthounds, so, as my home isn’t big enough to take in all the needy hounds myself (I wish!), volunteering for the fabulous Forever Hounds Trust is the next best thing! I love seeing the happy homing stories and knowing I have played a part in making this happen. I also love the comradery within the volunteer network; not only am I helping the dogs, I am making some wonderful new friends.’

Keith- Volunteer Events Co-ordinator/ Database Support Officer

‘I became aware of the charity in 2009 after listening to Honorary Friend, Annette Crosby, talking about it on the radio. I decided then that I would give my time to what was then Greyhound Rescue West of England to help save these beautiful creatures from a life of misery.

Keith helps our work in many vital ways

Keith helps our work in many vital ways

I organise and attend street collections and events in Wiltshire. I also jointly update information on the database about the dogs when they arrive at the kennels, including their medical and behavioural history, as well as details of volunteers in Somerset and Wiltshire. Record keeping is a vital part of our work.

My favourite thing about volunteering is definitely meeting the dogs and their owners and, of course, promoting the charity and raising money!’