Lurcher welfare

Over the past decade there has been an increased in working lurchers bred and used for hunting animals such as rabbits, hares, badgers, foxes and deer. Working lurchers include any breed of dog (often salukis, terriers, collies, deerhounds or bullbreeds) crossed with a sighthound (usually a greyhound). Forever Hounds Trust takes in lurchers who have either been found abandoned or have strayed.


Bull Lurchers

One of the breeds of dogs which have become the most prevalent in dog pounds is the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and bull crosses, including bull lurchers  – a cross between a greyhound and Staffordshire bull terrier.

Rescue bull breeds have become difficult to home partly due to publicity associating Staffordshire bull terriers with dog attacks, crime and antisocial behaviour. However there is strong evidence of the media paying disproportionate attention to stories and issues involving bull breeds over all other breeds, which has contributed to their poor image. As a result of this negative image many thousands of healthy, homeable Staffordshire bull terriers and bull crosses including bull lurchers are destroyed each year in dog pounds across the UK because they are seen as too difficult to home. Every hour a bull breed dog is destroyed for no other reason than there is no one who is willing to give them a home or a rescue willing to take them in for rehoming. Many rescues will not take these dogs in for fear that they will not be able to home them and they will be sitting in kennels for months on end.  However by not taking these dogs in and making an effort to rehome them misconceptions about the breed will continue, as will their plight.

As a national rescue and rehoming charity of greyhounds and lurchers, Forever Hounds Trust take into our care a number of bull lurchers for rehoming – some of which have been bought as pets, others which have been used for hunting and then abandoned or have become stray. Sadly because of a reputation created by the media these dogs are our most difficult to rehome and can wait months for a home offer. Yet the majority that have come into our care are the most loyal, loving and intelligent of lurchers, who make wonderful pets.

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