Our vision and values

Our Vision

Our vision is a day when every greyhound and lurcher is free from risk or need.

Our Mission

  • Rescue and care for unwanted, abused or abandoned greyhounds, lurchers and other sighthounds in any part of the country, resources allowing.
  • Find loving permanent homes for all our hounds.
  • Provide, in line with best practice, care for all our hounds.
  • Strive for and promote improved sighthound welfare through our active membership of the UK Greyhound Forum, the All Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare, the Association of Dogs & Cats Homes and any other appropriate body.

Our Values


  • We believe every dog should be protected from abuse, neglect and abandonment
  • We believe every dog should have a permanent, loving home
  • We advocate, influence and inspire others to improve welfare for all sighthounds
  • We work together in order to achieve our mission and ultimately, our vision


  • We give the best possible care to our dogs
  • We always act in the best interests of our dogs
  • We always strive to find the best permanent, loving home for each of our dogs
  • We never willingly choose to put a healthy dog to sleep


  • We lead the way in matching our dogs to permanent, loving homes
  • We work to the highest possible standards in each area of our work
  • We use our experience and data to lobby for improved welfare for all sighthounds
  • We create a supportive, respectful and enabling environment for  volunteers, trustees and staff
  • We are courteous, fair and considerate