Worzel says hello! Will you be my friend?

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Worzel says hello! Will you be my friend? By Catherine Pickles & Chantal Bourgonje.

Hardback • 20.5×20.5cm • 32 pages

ISBN: 978-1-787111-60-8

• A children’s introduction to Worzel Wooface, the well known literary Lurcher
• Told from a dog’s perspective, drawing the child into Worzel’s story
• Lovingly illustrated in watercolour by Chantal Bourgonje
• How to safely and successfully introduce a dog to a child
• Includes notes to help parents, teachers and guardians
• Implicit learning whilst enjoying the story, creating deeper understanding
• Illustrated examples of do and don’t behaviour
• All illustrations checked for correctness by a canine expert
• Teach your child to be a dog’s best friend – and allow him to be theirs
• The start of a wonderful friendship!


Catherine Pickles and her Lurcher, Worzel, take you on a journey, where you will gain an understanding of how dogs think and feel, so that all children can have a wonderful relationship with the dogs in their lives, and all dogs can feel happy, safe, and loved.


Children and dogs can be the best of friends, and good for each other in so many ways. Many adults will fondly remember a childhood dog who helped them through a hard time simply by being there as a constant companion they could confide in without being judged, or curl up with when they needed comfort. Sadly, though, dogs are often misunderstood by both adults and children, and their behaviour can be misread. It is important to remember that dogs and children should always be supervised when together, so that everyone stays happy and safe.